Got Milkweed?

The past few weeks we have sold shop record numbers of Asclepias, aka, “Milkweed”.  This makes me so happy because we see more customers with the awareness of the importance of this perennial plant for maintaining a proper Monarch habitat. The Monarch in its larval, or caterpillar form, only eats milkweed. Without milkweed, the Monarch caterpillar will starve. The variety of milkweed we often stock is Alclepias Tuberosa or “Butterfly weed”.  It has beautiful orange, red or yellow flowers which are nectar and pollen rich. Butterfly weed attracts butterflies, bees and many beneficial insects that love the sweet, high-energy food treat.

DID YOU KNOW: Monarchs are protected from predators (birds and other mammals) through their larval food intake. Monarchs have evolved to be able to digest plants like milkweed which contain toxic chemicals. The genius of this is that they are able to harbor the toxins in their bodies, thus making themselves undesirable or unpalatable or, even better, toxic, to anyone crazy enough to eat them. They are kind enough though to offer a warning to these predators via their bright colors.

We all should protect our sweet little pollinators…bees, butterflies, bats, and so many other beneficial planting milkweed and other colorful perennials and pollinator-friendly plants in our gardens. Take up some of your high-maintenance lawn and carve out a big, fat space for a BEAUTIFUL Butterfly garden. They are super easy to plant and maintain. At the garden shop, we will even lay-out a design for you from our great assortment of butterfly plants. ALSO, we sell NO-SPRAY milkweed at our shop which is VERY IMPORTANT … #saynotopesticide

Remember, our pollinator friends ultimately put food on our tables. Thank them by planting a milkweed plant or, even better, a BIG BEAUTIFUL Butterfly garden today!

Stop in and visit our HAPPY LITTLE GREEN PLACE to see the wide variety of pollinator-friendly plants.

Flowery Love & Butterfly Hugs…

xxx’s, Julie

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