In 2003, we opened our Garden shop, BLOOM, in a cute little space, formerly a gas station, on Bayshore Boulevard in South Tampa. Chad and I had always been inspired by the Garden shops in Litchfield County, CT that we would visit on the weekends while living in NYC. We knew one day we would move back to Florida and open our own shop.  My parents, horticulturalists, Evie and John Burks, gave us a lot of plant knowledge and experience. They grew citrus in the 70’s, owned and operated a large wholesale nursery in the 80’s and 90’s, and definitely they passed along their passion for plants.

It has always been our goal to offer top quality plants and goods for the garden in an inspiring atmosphere and to spread that love of GREEN.

We strive to constantly reinvent our creative botanical space that many call their “HAPPY PLACE” …the ultimate compliment that lets us know we are doing our job!



Julie & Chad